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Dampilon Bulat Zhargalovich


2006 - 2012 First St. Petersburgh State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov (clinical medicine)

     Мануальный терапевт в Реутово

All doctors with the specialty

2013 - 2014 residency at the neurology and neurosurgery department of the Northwestern State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov

2015 specialized training at the neurology and chiropracic department  at the First St. Petersburgh State Medical University

2009 specialized training in remedial massage at the physical therapy and sport medicine department at the First St. Petersburgh State Medical University

2012 – 2015 training in Russian Higher School of Osteopathic Medicine: cranial osteopathy, structural osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, obstetrics in osteopathy, pediatrics in osteopathy

2014 – 2015 clinical neurologist and chiropractor in rehabilitation unit of the municipal hospital # 28 (St. Petersburgh)

at present works as a chiropractor in the rehabilitation unit of the Medical Research and Education Clinical Center after P.V. Mandryka

Dampilon Bulat Zhargalovich started his training in manual therapy with traditional remedial massage, physiotherapy techniques and Chinese medicine basics. The neurology and neurosurgery department of the First St. Petersburgh State Medical University offered him an elective course “Osteopathy in therapeutic practice”, and after it he entered the Russian Higher School of osteopathic medicine. During clinical residency he successfully applied his knowledge to treatment of vertebral osteochondrosis complicated by spinal disk herniation and pain syndrome.

Dampilon B.Zh. conducts complex patient assessment using osteopathic testing, neurologic examination and the results of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics which allow him to detect the causes of spinal disk herniation. By means of timely medication therapy for nerve roots and spinal disks and an osteopathic treatment course aimed at muscle tone normalizing and re-establishing harmonious spine structure he produces stable positive effects.

While working in the rehabilitation unit of the municipal hospital # 28 in St. Petersburgh as a clinical neurologist he helped in the rehabilitation of many patients with serious traumas and aftereffects of brain circulation accidents.


Neurologist and chiropractors are steadfast friends

New technique in the Neuroendocrinology Clinic: Kinesiotaping

Everybody knows that in acute shooting pain in the back, lower back, leg or neck one should speedily see a neurologist. Modern diagnostic methods make it possible to definitely detect which nerve is involved and what is to be used: pills, injections or problem zones blocks.

After the acute phase patients need to secure the positive effect and prevent pain recurrence with the help of chiropractor and osteopathic physician. Usually one is referred for several sessions of physical therapy (massage, remedial exercise, acupuncture).

However, a new problem arises: on the day of the osteopathic procedure and 2-3 days after the effect is quite noticeable, but then starts to dissipate requiring regular follow-ups.

What is to be done?

The way out has been found: in rehabilitation medicine there exists an approach called kinesiotaping. Its essence is as follows: after the consultation and necessary procedures an experienced chiropractor tapes the problem zone with special hypoallegic plaster.

 What happens then? Patches of material that were applied by means of a special technique raise and relieve the problem area of skin and subcutaneous fat which improves venous and lymphatic outflow in the area in question. This allows to prolong the effect of an osteopathic procedure up to 7 days, and thus obviate the necessity of repeating the procedure 3–4 times a week.

The applied tapes do not cause allergy or hinder movement (vice versa, they facilitate it), do not get unglued in baths or showers. Kinesiotaping is indicated for:


back pain

pain in neck and extremities,

muscle pain (myositis)

after surgery – mastectomy and all those cases when it is necessary to enhance and prolong the effect of chiropractic or osteopathic procedure and improve the venous and lymphatic drainage of a problem area.






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