Chiropractor Reutov Novokosino

Remedial therapist

Kotov Alexander Iosifovich


Therapy priorities

Back and spine diseases

Graduated from Irkutsk State Medical Institute in 1986. First learned the principles of non-medication treatment during internship (1987) while working in a municipal hospital

Мануальный терапевт Реутов Железнодорожный

Котов Александр Иосифович

All doctors with the specialty


where treatments by fasting and herbs were practiced (Irkutsk hospital #10). There he made contact with a group of specialists from China who practiced little-known at that time acupuncture, sujok and feet therapy.

  Long years in the health care system made him believe that traditional methods of the conventional medicine do not ensure a complete recovery of a patient. This is why last twenty years of his practice Kotov Alexander Iosifovich concentrated his efforts on acquiring proficiency in various non-medication and non-surgical techniques.

In collaboration with scientists of biophysics laboratory of the Siberian Academy of Science first equipment for the noninvasive influence on body liquids was created and tested. Further studies led to the elaboration of a therapy system that could help even the cases which conventional medicine considered hopeless.

Due to the character of the specialization, Kotov Alexander Iosifovich constantly upgrades his knowledge and skills:

2007 Russian Research Center of Remedial Medicine: course in remedial medicine and physiotherapy

2008 Medical Scenar Center afterYu.V. Gorfinkel: scenar (bioresonance) therapy course

 2009 Moscow Region Research Clinical Institute, additional medical training department

 2012 Medical Surgical Research Center after N.I. Pirogov: physiotherapy course

 2012 First Moscow State Medical University after Sechenov: allergology and immunology course

Therapeutic methods

acupuncture, reflex therapy (biologically active points stimulation for normalizing energy flow, yin-yang balance)

osteopathy (a branch of manual therapy aimed at normalizing cranial and craniosacral rhythms)

soft-tissue manual therapy (ligaments, tendons, muscles). Effects: muscular “shell” elimination, normalizing surface and organ microcirculation, venous and lymph flow normalization).

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