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Usually people do not pay much attention to diagnostics. However modern physician besides sphygmomanometer (for measuring blood pressure), phonendoscope and neurologists’s hammer can use precision instruments and exact techniques for assessment of functional body status.

In Neuroendocrinology Clinic (Reutov, 24 Oktyabrya Str.) high-precision methods of external respiration testing are employed, i.e. express diagnostics (measuring nitrous oxide – NO – in the exhaled air). This test allows to detect latent forms and early stages of asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This test allows to diagnose and start treating the disease at an early stage, which is especially important for smokers.

The use of modern high-precision express method for diagnosing such wide-spread diseases as asthma and COPD in the Neuroendocrinology Clinic in Reutov is highly symbolic since the most prominent expert in Russian pulmonology, head of the Moscow Research Institute of Pulmonology, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Alexander Grigorievich Chuchalin was born in this town.

EEG (Electroencephalogram)

ADULTS need EEG to get driving license or gun license, for work in the police, road police, FSS, on railroads or in the metro.

CHILDREN need EEG in cases of retardation, suspected epileptic syndrome, vascular or volume brain processes. Hyperactive children are to have EEG for entering secondary or higher school. Wayward child: click here to learn what parents must know




Функциональная диагностика - прейскурант: 





You shouldn’t wait for the breathing problems to become life-threatening so that you’ll need an ambulance and ICU. Such a turn of events can be prevented by timely pulmonary diagnostics and visit to a pulmonologist. Express diagnostics will suggest the treatment plan better than simple stethoscope.

Pulsoxymetry 500-00

Spirometry (testing of external respiration function)


CO test (carbon oxide in the expired air)


Express diagnostics for latent forms of asthma (NO in the exhaled air)


Bronchial spasmolytic test (for asthma)




For effective treatment and medication adjustment simple ECG is now insufficient: 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring is now necessary. This also goes for the blood pressure: instead of taking the blood pressure once or twice a day, doctors now use a 24-hours blood pressure monitoring that shows what is happening with the patient around the clock.

ECG with interpretation


Holter – 24-hour ECG monitoring with interpretation


24-hour arterial pressure monitoring with interpretation



EEG with interpretation:

        The electroencephalography and its interpretation are provided by an experienced neurologist. This test characterizes bioelectrical brain activity, vascular lesions and volume masses that can result in life-threatening states.

  • For adults

  • For children



          Exhaled air testing for Helicobacter pilori (infection that accompanies stomach and duodenal ulcers). After treatment course – repeated express diagnostics to confirm the successful sanitization and treatment effectiveness.

            The testing is conducted by an experienced gastroenterologist.