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Kocharian Emilia Eduardovna

instructor at the Oncology and Radiotherapy department of the Clinical Faculty of The Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Онколог гинеколог  


All doctors with the specialty

1990-1996 education at the State Medical University

1996-1998 residency with the specialization in gynecology and obstetrics

1998-2001 postgraduate studies at the Oncology department of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

1998 work in the Central Clinical Hospital #2,  instructor at the Oncology and Radiotherapy department of the Clinical Faculty of The Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry


Outpatients visits: prophylactic examination, laboratory tests for women, treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system, menopause, menstrual period irregularities (painful, copious, sparse, frequent, PMS), contraception adjustment

Plan a visit to the gynecologist of you are troubled by

pains in the lower abdomen

itching or burning of labia

vaginal discharge

coital discomfort

menstrual period irregularities

mood swings before the period

hot flushes

if you are planning a pregnancy

or have just started sexual activities


Visit gynecologist Kocharian Emilia Eduardovna

Effective help with

cervical erosion

hormonal dysfunctions (menopausal and others)

menstrual cycle irregularities

inflammatory sexually transmitted diseases

uterus myoma

ovarian dysfunction

contraception adjustment


checkup and preparation for pregnancy

consultations, examination and treatment protocols for various stages of dysplasia

examination and treatment of papillomavirus infection (condyloma)


Our gynecologist-oncologist

You need to consult a gynecologist

You need a gynecologist certificate and cannot wait in the long queues at your local facility? Don’t lose heart: our gynecologist Kocharian E.E. will see you on the very day of your coming to our clinic, make the basic diagnostics and give the required paper.

Your gynecologists fails to adjust your treatment for polyps, myoma, endometriosis, ovary inflammation? Don’t worry: our gynecologist Kocharian E.E. will make a diagnosis and prescribe the treatment, even for the complicated cases.

If in the middle of your cycle you suddenly get discharges, if you are troubled by copious or painful periods or have several delayed periods – visit an experienced gynecologist Kocharian E.E. who will conduct a complex diagnostics and prescribe an effective treatment.

If some of your relatives had cancer of the female reproductive organs or your local gynecologist frightened you by myths of female cancers and you fear for your health…

Don’t panic!

Experienced gynecologist-oncologist Kocharian E.E.

will conduct diagnostics according to the modern (international) standards and provide complex treatment (including an in-patient treatment).

Visit her to get professional help

Some medicine branches require not only professional expertise but doctor-patient trust. Gynecology is one of such specialties.

A woman visits her gynecologist all her life. Often mass screening is confined to standard smear test, gynecological chair examination and questions about cycle regularity.

In such cases early disease signs of the female organs remain undetected. Moreover because of constant routine work (yearly mass screening of work-staff of various businesses) some gynecologists develop a certain psychological deviation, i.e. intolerance to patient’s attempts at gaining some information on her state.

Hence a visit to a gynecologist can become a torture and women avoid them for many years, consulting a doctor only in cases of severe dysfunctions and advanced disease stages.

Kocharian Emilia Eduardovna – member of Practicing Doctors’ Association, candidate of medicine, gynecologist-oncologist – is an embodiment of the ideal doctor.

One should mention not only the high professional standards of the gynecologist but also a personalized approach to every patient. This brings positive results since detailed history taking allows to find a risk zone for disease development.

Another benefit of visiting the gynecologist Kocharian E.E. is her having an additional training as both the general oncologist and the gynecologist-oncologist. It allows the doctor to detect the early stages of pathologic changes and fight the disease at the starting point.

Kocharian Emilia Eduardovna is not only a successful practicing doctor but also an excellent teacher for the beginning gynecologists and a talented researcher being an instructor of the oncology department of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry.

If the disease requires hospitalization, our gynecologist will provide all the necessary tests according to the standards, will take part in a consultation with other specialists and heads of gynecology or oncogynecology units and after surgery will provide the follow-ups up to the moment of complete recovery.

Thus with all gynecological problems you may turn to gynecologist-oncologist and endocrinologist Kocharian Emilia Eduardovna, candidate of medicine.