Адрес и контакты центра Гиппократ в Курске полное описание

Cardiologist, functional diagnostics specialist (ECG, Holter, 24-hour blood  pressure monitoring) Reutov, Novokosino

Kosova Olga Mikhailovna


    Прием кардиолога в Реутово Новокосино

All doctors with the specialty



2006 graduated from Saratov State Medical University

2006-2007 internship in therapy (Tambov Regional Hospital)

2007-2009 cardiology residency (Russian State Medical University), Municipal Hospital #13 (Moscow), Moscow Cardiology Center

2010 professional training in functional diagnostics: ECG, Holter, BP monitor, ECHO-CG, external respiration function

Work experience:   

2009-2010 polyclinic #1 (State Internal Affairs Department, Moscow)  

since 2010 consulting center at the polyclinic # 3 (Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Science)


Additional training:

2014 certification course in cardiology (Russian State Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov)

2015 certification course in functional diagnostics (Russian State Medical University)