Профессионалы в наркологии, психиатрии и психологии Гиппократ сюда

Clinical neurologist Reutov, Novokosino

Abdullatypov Ildar Hasanovich

Neurologist of the highest category





Невролог в Реутове Новокосино  


All doctors with the specialty


1992 graduated from the medical institute

1995 primary specialization in neurology (Central Military Hospital)

1996-1997 Laboratory of the Aviation Medicine

1998-2004  Central Military Hospital, neurology unit with the specialization in acute brain circulation disorders

2004-2005 Central Regional Hospital: head of the neurology unit

2006-2012 Central medical-sanitary department 119, Roscosmos, Reutov


Medical help in neurologic syndromes, treatment:

  • Brain circulation accident
  • Neuropathy (including trigeminal nerve)
  • Spinal osteochondrosis
  • Spinal disk herniation
  • lumbar ischialgia, lumbago
  • EEG, encephalography







Our neurologist

Everybody knows that many body processes and organ functions are governed by the brain. Peripheral nervous system is equally important, controlling movement of limbs. This is why correct diagnosis and treatment provided by the neurologist determines not only the life quality: a person’s life itself may depend on it.

The main responsibility of a neurologist is the brain.

According to a Russian saying, “if you’ve lost your money, you’ve lost nothing; if you’ve lost your health, you’ve lost a half; if you’ve lost your mind, you’ve lost everything”.

During his 20-year practice our neurologist Abdullatypov I.H. has acquired enormous experience in treating vascular brain pathologies. His work for the military has taught him to be efficient and quick in diagnosing and treatment presribing and it allows him to achieve positive effects with minimal medication.

Another trait of  Abdullatypov I.H. is his responsible approach which is quite natural: having worked with pilots, he had learned that not only the health, but the very life of his patients depended on the correct diagnostics and treatment, since pilot’s work presupposes additional stress for the heart, lungs and brain.

This deliberate, responsible and controlled approach is still typical to our neurologist.


Diagnostic and treatment programs for the most urgent neurological problems 

·       vascular pathologies of the brain and spinal cord

·       Parkinson’s disease

·       epilepsy

·       polyneuropathies

·       neuralgias and neuritis

·       spinal cord osteochondrosis

·       multiple sclerosis

·       migraines and other types of headache

·       vegetovascular dystony

·       neuroses

·       aftereffects of head traumas and neuroinfections