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First Category Board Sertified Neurologist

Gerasimova Tatiana Victorovna

2005 graduated with honors from  Therapy department of the Voronezh State Academy  named after N.N. Burdenko

2006 internship as an internist

since 2006 clinical neurologist in a neurological unit

Advanced training:

Theory and practice of neurology patients’ treatment

Basics of the neurologic diagnosis

Special neurology


2014 board certification for the 1st category (at the 1st municipal hospital)

Has mastered techniques of paravertebral and periarticular blocks

neurology certificate: first category

outpatient consultations in Balashikha, Moscow Novokosino, Reutov, Moscow region

Professional priorities:

Treatment of spinal osteochondrosis, spinal disk herniation, headaches of various etiologies, migraines, degenerative CNS diseases, vegetovascular dystony. EEG, encephalography, certificate for driving license

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Neurologist Gerasimova Tatiana Victorovna


We all know that in acute toothache the sufferer is seen by the doctor immediately. This is being done due to direct medical indication: acute pain may signal the presence of a serious inflammation focus and a delay can result in a general sepsis.

Acute pain syndrome may cause shock with danger to life, hence such patients are being seen ASAP. Pain syndrome, numbness and loss of motor activity in neurology may be symptoms of a dangerous condition, e.g. the brain circulation disruption.

Hence the importance of a qualified and timely help of an experienced neurologist. Gerasimova Tatiana Victorovna is a specialist with a unique practical and theoretical background.

This is explained by the fact that at the start of her career in medicine she was one of those few people who graduated from the Medical Academy with honors.

Having her first specialization in therapy, Gerasimova T.V. didn’t stop at that: she had a full course in neurology. It should be noted that our neurologist not only had solid theoretical training but also has mastered a unique practical and applied neurology techniques: despite her ephemeral appearance, our neurologist easily copes with a seized spinal column, relieves pain in pain syndrome in lower back, arms, legs and spinal osteochondrosis, administers nerve blocks. The treatment is always successful and produces positive results in osteochondrosis, spinal disk herniation, headache and other pains of neurologic character.

There is also one other important point to be mentioned: the neurologist Gerasimova Tatiana Victorovna (practicing in Balashikha, Moscow, Reutov) doesn’t limit herself to the “old” store of knowledge: she is taking an active part in national and international Neurologic congresses, regularly visits various advanced training courses, thus upgrading her professional skills.

One more thing to be said in praise of our outstanding neurologist is her ability to use not only the translated literature but to read scientific papers in English and communicate with her English and French colleagues in their native languages and constantly improve her knowledge.

To reiterate: if you have problems that come into the neurologist’s sphere of competence – see Gerasimova Tatiana Victorovna! This cordial, knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate specialist is sure to solve your particular problem!

When should one visit an experienced neurologist Gerasimova Tatiana Victorovna?

Having pains in your back, lower back, neck, numbness of limbs? Has your spinal range of movements become limited? Do you have problems with your memory or speech? Do you have mood swings? Painful movements, tingling in arms or legs, headaches?

These can be symptoms of:

brain circulation disruption

vegetovascular dystony

spinal osteochondrosis

spinal disk herniation


neurovascular lesions of the central, peripheral and involuntary nerve systems

Your local neurologist pays only nominal attention, repeatedly prescribes the same injections and pills that do not bring relief?

You urgently need a neurologist certificate for hospitalization of for work?

Visit out neurologist!

Clinic addresses: Balashikha, Novokosino, Reutov