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Our clinical psychiatrist, psychotherapist

   The head is a dark matter and cannot be studied

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Diagnostics and treatment for:


endogenic brain pathologies


neurologic diseases

organic brain pathologies

gastrointestinal diseases

in older patients:

thyroid gland diseases

adrenal glands diseases

paramenopausal and menopausal syndrome

in pregnancy and postpartum period


Our country is characterized by a special attitude towards psychiatry, psychotherapists and mentally ill people. On the one hand, holy fools who often live by a church are regarded quite benevolently: as we know from literature in the past they could even criticize our tsars and voice things for which a normal person would be beheaded.

On the other hand, when the powers that be want to undermine a persons acts or words they often dub him a lunatic: this happened to Griboedovs friend and made him create his famous comedy Wit Works Woe

   The same goes for the Soviet period: for about 70 years law organizations often used the so-called punitive psychiatry to control dissidents those people who did not agree with the main tenets of the communist party. This may partly explain a negative attitude to psychiatry in this country.     

If a person is feeling blue or is hyperactive, garrulous and starts a thousand things without finishing one, he doesnt hasten to a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. This person will either try to live with this state or turn to acquaintances who are ready with advice for every life situation.

One of the best known prescriptions is to drown the problem in alcohol. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this action is very low: at best the person blacks out due to a high dose of alcohol and then wakes up to the same problem which is aggravated by a headache. Some people live in this way from one drinking bout to another, and their depression becomes complicated by the drinking problem.

The advocates of the healthy lifestyle are sure that all mental problems can be dealt with by a well-selected herb mixtures: they use motherwort and valerian, mint and St. Johns wort, either in the form of teas or tinctures. Unfortunately, this practice has very low effect and its long use only delays a correct examination and treatment.

Luckily in the last 20-25 years population in Russia has started to realize that a visit to a psychiatrist is not something to be ashamed of: it is not a stigma. People begin to understand that mental disease can be overcome with the help of a good psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist and then a person can return to normal life.

Because of films and books people often imagine a clinical psychiatrist with burly orderlies and a straightjacket, shock therapy and potent drugs that turn a person into a vegetable. In reality the main psychiatrists instrument is word.

Our psychiatrist and psychotherapist Leonova Larisa Alexandrovna despite her ethereal appearance has a great work experience in mental clinics and hospitals where she has been working for more than 20 years.

Whatever problem a patient brings to Dr. Leonova, she will listen to him, make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the treatment that will restore normal social life, relieve heartache and make it possible to return to normal life and work.

Dont hesitate to open up when you feel low, come for a consultation, and psychotherapist Leonova L.A. will help you!

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